Some students ask us…Why should I volunteer?

AT first the idea of doing work without a financial reward might seem overwhelming and unfair. At StudyWing we know differently so we gather 15 reasons why you should start thinking about this option:

1 – You will be giving something back – Recognition, A Sense of Achievement and Feedback

Doing something good for others and be rewarded by their happiness. From childcare to wildlife and conservation, there will always be a project to suit your interests. You will feel confident and proud of yourself because you are making a difference in the world, the recognition you gain from the projects you work on are crucial on a personal level.

2 – Unique Opportunities

Normally when you travel you are a tourist. This experience will get you inside the scene! From looking after lion cubs in South Africa or turtles in Costa Rica, you will access amazing opportunities.

3 – Use Your Skills to Benefit Others

Your most basic skills can make a huge difference.

4 – Live a New Culture from the Inside

As you will be spending an extended time abroad you will be interacting daily with a new culture and environment as well as trying new food every day! Learn new things every day!

5 – Experience Personal Growth

You evolve as a person through every experience you are faced with. You’ll become more concerned and aware of the problems around the world. Once you are back you will feel more independent and courageous.

6 – Stand Out

Volunteering is a great talking point in all forms of life – from future interviews with new employers to life stories to your friends and family!

7 – Friendships, a New Family and Belonging

Many volunteers make lifelong friendships that come from working through difficulties and exploring new things together.

8 – Skills and Experience

Want to gain a whole new host of skills? There isn’t a faster way! Especially if you’re helping out on a project which is a little out of your comfort zone!

9 – You Could Learn a Foreign Language for free

When spending a significant amount of time abroad you will be speaking a foreign language 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You could be a language genius in no time!

10 – Get Out of your Comfort zone

Life is about challenging yourself, in order to growth personally and professionally. Try something different to what you are used to!

11 – It’ll Be Lots of Fun!

Volunteer work can be hard work, but it is also great fun experiencing new people and situations as well as rewarding.

12 – Enhance Your CV

During your time away you’ll find out so much about yourself. You’ll learn new skills and build on your current experience, and all of the above is great for enhancing your CV.

13 – Spend Quality Time Away From the Normality

Getting bored of your current lifestyle? Take a break and volunteer. While doing something worthwhile but you can focus about where do you want to take your life since you will have many chances of exploring different options?

14 – Prepare for your life to change!

Volunteers come back and always comment on how they see the world differently after their time away and how that has changed them positively.

15 – Will you be one of them?

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