Vocational Guidance

Many students find themselves in a puzzle when it’s time to decide what course to follow in many stages of their academic path.

Most of us are influenced by society in general, by believing that only certain jobs can make you successful, following those ideals if not your own, will drag your motivation and creativity to the ground.

At StudyWing we think differently. Why? Because we have proven that you can make money doing whatever makes you happy, now, what makes you happy?

That’s what we aim to explore with you, without judgment or influences.

Our problem is lack of information or seeking for it. Being an actor is extremely dangerous in Portugal, as the market is so small that your concerns are, will I have a job? What if you go to the UK? Is it the same reality? No, actually it is a very popular course with great industry links.

The question is are you ready to go wherever for your dreams?

StudyWing will offer you the following:

  • Promoting guidance in support of the education of students.
  • Facilitating the transition of students from primary to secondary, from secondary to post-secondary educational institutions to other educational institutions and/or work.
  • Providing curricular guidance regarding subject options and choice of courses, at different levels.
  • Providing personal career guidance.
  • Providing information through various activities, materials, seminars both at school and at systems level, through the organisation of career seminars, career exhibitions, career orientation visits, information leaflets, etc.


This is your first step into getting to know yourself! Don’t wait any longer, book a session with StudyWing or speak with your school for a lecture!


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