Summer & Short Courses

Summer Courses

What a great way to spend your summer…enjoy your holiday while you learn a different language and meet thousands of students from around the world!

Summer Courses are available throughout the year although they are more popular in the Summer months from June to September and in between holiday breaks.

You can choose what you are up to!
You can also take the whole family and tailor activities for each member, or reward a team of professionals!
Activities range from creative writing to water sports, excursions, you name it!
Our students always return the next summer!


• Spain
• Uk
• Usa
• France
• Italy


A student can apply anytime throughout the year although the most popular months are June, July and August.

Normally Institutions will only request for an ID and a minimum level of English so you are able to take advantage of your course.
If you are a minor they will need your parents ID.
If you are applying to study outside the EU or applying from a country outside the EU you will need a visa.

Contact us to book your course! This is what we need to know…

– Location of your preference
– If you would like some Leisure Activities
– What you would like to learn
– Your budget


Short Courses

Do you require extra portfolio skills? Do you need work experience for Medicine?
So this is your opportunity to grab some skills (any study area) in a short period of time, according with your availability.
Some students do it to best prepare for a degree abroad.

This experience is for anyone that would like to enhance professional and academic skills for a short period of time with a world recognized diploma.

Normally Institutions will only request for an ID and a minimum level of English so you are able to take advantage of your course.

You can apply at any time throughout the year although the most popular season is holiday’s season.

It can vary between Institutions and your availability.


Don’t wait any longer! Let us know what you would like to to and where!



You can do an English activity from the age of 5. Airline companies and educational Institutions are aware of all the procedures and have dealt with many similar cases before.
The child or teenager under 14 must get a flight with the option of being accompanied by one of the airline assistants throughout the airport until the plane and from the plane to the person who is picking up your child at the airport.

StudyWing will help you choosing the right course and plan your experience based on our expertise. We deal with all the boring paperwork so we can plan the fun part! We will be available for the length of study for any questions students or parents may have. You just need to pick your experience and book your ticket with our support!

There is a service of transfers available. Price varies with airport location.

This is possible according with availability from the institution. Note that you will have to pay the extra value before starting the activity.

StudyWing will fit the program according to the language programs and activities the student is interested in but yes location is up to you!

You have a range of options, boarding, student residence, Home stay, student house share.

If you decide to stay at the halls you will have the option between self and half catering. If you choose a host family they will provide your breakfast and hot meal at night. All lunches are included in the price and served at the college.

Most of the institutions offer courses for all levels, before starting your studies you might be asked to do an online exam to verify your language skills.

Every student is different and has different needs. Within the culture and environment you will learn the language a lot quicker! I bet you will be speaking the language within 2 weeks!

Depends on the age group. Most of the schools have separate schools for adults, primary age children and secondary age children.
For a whole group of the same age it is possible.

Yes, we only work with Institutions that are accredited.

Yes, you will receive a note of attendance and a certificate with your level of English.

No all teaching is done in the destiny language so you can absolve all the communication skills.

It can vary with programme and institution but roughly 12 in each class.

No, we offer courses for all ages.

All the institutions can accommodate students with special needs. All necessary arrangements will be done.

Great idea! StudyWing will share the contacts of students that have gone through the same experience so you can clarify in detail some of your doubts.

Contact us and book your experience abroad!
Speak soon,

StudyWing Team

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