Postgraduate pack

If your plan is to undertake an undergraduate degree this is all you have to know:

Application (up to 5 Universities) – support with the documentation (gathering all the documents required and its revision), secure information on which Universities are accepting applications on the date and checking courses’ availability, contacting the Institutions regarding your status and always ensure that all the requested documents meet the deadlines.

Support – information about flights, connections, accommodation, employment before your departure. Student Finance Information (when to fill the paperwork and we will ensure you don’t miss the deadline to send it), We also will help you once you’re there with registrations in the Health Service, what to do first, where to go when you need a certain service, etc. During the period you study, we will always be here to make sure everything is excellent for you.

Translations – You will need your school documents translated by an official translator. This is why we have included this service for you in this package.

The UP (Undergraduate Package) costs 735€.