Postgraduate and Masters


If you haven’t got out of your comfort zone yet, this is your opportunity! Do a postgraduate or a masters abroad to improve your employability and to enhance your international experience.

The question is only one. What do you want to study? StudyWing will do the rest!

You will be able to interact directly with students that are already studying abroad through our social network.

Some of the countries we work with have subsidized fees or no fee at all.

To search for courses you just need to register and fill in your profile. Have a look at the locations available:

  • Australia 
  • USA 
  • UK 
  • Denmark 
  • Sweden 

We would like to think that anyone is capable of taking this step but truth is you need to really want it! Apart from will, this experience is a must for every future professional for every financial condition to leave you with no excuse!

We combine all your academic knowledge with the voluntary or professional experience you may have when you are searching for the courses available.

There are no age restrictions.

You should have completed your degree.

If you are a mature student (+21) your professional experience will be taken in more consideration than your academic skills.

Some of our students opt to do a gap year so they can gain valuable work and language skills before applying. You can count on our support for that!

You can also do an English course abroad.

This is the main opportunity that StudyWing gives to their students. The possibility of doing what you really love and be successful at it, that’s why WE offer you more options. Some countries seek professions that others aren’t so interest at, we will take that in consideration when searching for your course.

At StudyWing we understand the importance of this experience as we all have done it ourselves! Let us know if you would like to travel somewhere else as we can help you through our network.

Are you ready? Still have some doubts? Why not go through our FAQ’s:

You can apply to at least 5 options. (in different countries if you prefer)

It is a bit different from your home country but nothing that cannot be done, these are the only documents needed for most courses:

–          ID

–          Academic Certificate (latest)

–          Recommendation letter signed by a professional or a teacher

–          Recommendation letter

–          IELTS (for all locations mentioned above) – Language Examinations – Click here for explanation

*note that some courses may have additional requirements like the following:

  • Portfolio – for most of the art courses
  • Admission tests – Some universities will request an admission entrance test
  • Interview – some of the courses
  • Health related courses – you will need your criminal record updated.

StudyWing will inform you accordingly.

Depends on the country chosen, but it is advisable that you start the process as soon as possible to gather as much information.

Choose the universities with our support, gather your documents and apply online at

Take the IELTS (4 months prior to start date is advisable)

StudyWing provides all the support on the application and for the length of your studies! You can choose if you just need a hand or if you would like us to watch over you for the length of your study! Check our price list below.

Post-graduate – 1 or 2 years

Master – 1 or 2 years

PHD – 2 years

Most of the country’s StudyWing works with, have their tuition fee or subsidized.

Yes, StudyWing will help you finding other funding opportunities.

Mainly there are starts in September and February.

StudyWing will help you choosing the right course and plan your experience based on our expertise. We deal with all the boring paperwork so we can plan the fun part! We will be available for the length of study for any questions students or parents may have. For more detailed information check Support (link para support on main page?)

There is a service of transfers available. Price varies with airport location.

You have a range of options, boarding, student residence, Home stay, student house share. Click HERE to check accommodation procedures


No, we offer courses for all ages.

All the institutions can accommodate students with special needs. All necessary arrangements will be done.

Let us show you all the opportunities available, get in touch!

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