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There are more than 2,500 private schools in the UK to choose from and a great preparation if you want to apply for a competitive course!

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Boarding schools have a long standing history of academic education and attract more and more international students. These schools have traditions and strict rules as well as beautiful and inspiring boarding environments. Generally they provide courses to assist students in preparing for the top universities.

– More traditional concept
– Focus on an individual development, academic achievement and university entry
– Formal environment and discipline
– Schools are free to set their own curricular
– Develop own style and character
– Single sex or co. Educational

Students are taught in small classes
Many have religious affiliations.
Independence, sociability and love of learning
Assessment and homework to support exam preparation

If you hold a full UK or EU passport you can apply to one of the 35 state colleges in the UK with free tuition.
– Flexible entry and a range of academic or vocational qualifications
– Less formal educational environment
– Strong links with industry and industrial advisory groups
– Students are treated as being mature
– Focused on gaining university places for their students
– No uniforms and few additional expenses beyond tuition fees

Involve levels of personal contact and support from tutors
Encourage independent learning and responsibility for study progress
Encourage students to question and analyse

You can choose at least 3 subjects or a vocational course! Don’t wait any longer, start your experience earlier and you will have a great chance when applying to TOP universities.

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