A word from the team

StudyWing was born due to our personal, academic and professional experiences.
It’s the will of making education available to all and help students follow their passion, allowing them to be the best at what they love.
StudyWing came to make a difference, we are the first Non-Profit Student Agency, returning our profits to our students through bursaries and scholarships.

It’s time to share with all students the benefits that these experiences brought to our lives!

Our Vision

To build an outstanding, sustainable company widely known for our innovative and principled approach, reflecting high standards of ethics in everything we do, aiming to be impartial on the study options aiming always at the best for the student.


• High Value for our customer
• Business growth
• Secure, rewarding employment
• Active support to charities and social contexts


• Radiate Passion
• Integrity in all we do
• Respect for individuals
• Strive for Excellence
• Clear and accurate communication
• Transparent and accountable relationship with customers and employees